A microchip can provide a lifetime of permanent identification if your dog or cat gets lost.

Even for the most eagle-eyed, helicopter pet parents, no amount of supervision is enough for our furry friends. Pets are naturally curious creatures and all it takes is a split second for them to get lost. You might think a dog or cat collar is enough, but they can fall off, information can rub off, or the tags themselves can be destroyed. Fortunately, microchipping has emerged as a permanent ID for pets, increasing the chances of a happy reunion. Call us at 204-261-7376 to get your pet microchipped right away!

What is a pet microchip?

It is a small device – the size of a grain of rice – where we encode your contact information and your pet’s name, age, health conditions and other vitals. It can be scanned by other veterinary teams or rescue groups, in the off chance that they find your lost pet. Once scanned, they will send the information to the chip’s manufacturer, who will then provide them with the contact details registered on the chip. At this point, those who find your pet will have a way of contacting you. They will also be aware of any medical conditions or special accommodations your pet has or requires.

How soon can I get my pet microchipped?

We recommend your cat or dog get microchipped when they are about 2-months-old. We often conduct the procedure when they are in the hospital for a vaccination or any other routine treatment during their younger years. Adult pets and even senior pets can be safely microchipped as well.

Is microchipping painful for pets?

Not at all. For them, the sensation is like that of an injection or vaccine. It takes a matter of seconds and no anesthesia or sedation is needed. If your pet is nervous or anxious around needles, we can certainly make sure they are sedated for the procedure to prevent any stress.

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