Euthanasia Services

A compassionate procedure for cats and dogs suffering from chronic pain or terminal illness.

If you are at the point when you are considering saying goodbye to your pet, please know you are not alone. Our team will be with you throughout the entire process – from the initial conversation, while you consider your options, during the procedure itself, and afterward as you adjust to your new life without your loyal companion. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 204-261-7376 for more information about our euthanasia services.

What is euthanasia like for pets?

The entire process is completely pain-free. The veterinarian will administer the euthanasia drug. It will make your pet fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. Then, in a matter of minutes, it will cause their lungs, heart and other organs to shut down until they have fully passed away.

Can I be with my pet while they are being euthanized?

Absolutely. We strive to make the process as comfortable for you, your pet and your loved ones. We have a private area where we conduct the procedure. You will have as much time as you need to say goodbye to your pet. We also encourage you to bring their favourite items to comfort them, and of course, you can stay by their side and hold onto them until the very end.

How do I know if it’s time for my pet to be euthanized?

Please know that at the end of the day, you will have the final decision. Veterinarians may recommend euthanasia as a humane option if your pet is no longer responsive to treatment for their severe condition (e.g. cancer), if their pain can no longer be managed properly with treatment, or if their quality of life is so low, that they cannot eat or relieve themselves on their own. All of these factors can be discussed in private during a consultation with your veterinarian.

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