Dermatology Services

Our team will treat allergies, parasites, and other conditions which can disturb your pet's skin.

Do you know that your pet’s skin or fur makes up approximately 15% of their weight? It’s the largest organ in their body, and requires just as much medical attention as their heart, lungs or any other organ. Here at St. Norbert, we can help you keep your pet’s skin looking and feeling great. Their skin health makes a huge impact on their overall quality of life, which is why we provide a range of dermatology services right here in our facility. Call us at 204-261-7376 to learn more.

What are the common skin issues you see in pets?

Our team of veterinarians and RVTs see all types of skin health problems. In fact, dermatological conditions are some of the most common reasons why patients come to our practice. Some of the typical cases we encounter are:

  • Cuts, scrapes, growths
  • Rashes
  • Skin cancer
  • Infections
  • Allergies
  • Parasites (e.g. fleas, ticks, ringworm)
  • Yeast infections
  • Impetigo

Can I treat my pet’s skin problem at home?

We strongly advice against trying out DIY remedies. To avoid further damage/injury, as well as to save time and money, we recommend reaching out to your pet’s veterinarian as soon as you see sign of a skin problem. Our doctors can properly diagnose your pet and prescribe the right treatment for their condition. Some of the most common ways to treat dermatological issues in pets are medications (available in oral or topical form), oatmeal baths, diet changes (if the cause is food allergies), medicated shampoos, antibiotics, as well as play and exercise (this helps them cope better with their flare-ups).

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