Behavioural Counselling

Using diagnostic testing to address health issues causing problematic behaviours.

All pets, no matter how well-behaved, have days when they are quite a handful. Maybe they are destroying your furniture, being aggressive towards other pets and people around you, or are fearful of certain scenarios and are overly dependent. If your pet is having more bad days than good, it is time you consider behavioural counselling. A few sessions can be beneficial even for pets who do not yet have any behaviour issues. Don’t hesitate to call us at 204-261-7376 to book your consultation.

What are the benefits of behavioural counselling for pets?

The first counselling session will help us diagnose the reasons behind your pet’s unwanted behaviours. They may be psychological, but they can also be medical. For example, your pet may have an undiagnosed illness causing them pain and discomfort, which is why they are acting out. After the diagnosis, our veterinarians can show you techniques that will help correct your pet’s unwanted behaviour. Solutions include modifying their environment, positive reinforcement (use of rewards, treats, etc.), proper diet/ exercise and more.

How long will it take for my pet’s behaviour to improve via counselling?

It really depends on a case-by-case basis. After the initial conversation, we will have follow-up sessions to monitor you and your pet’s progress and revise the treatment as needed.

What can pet behavioural counselling help with, exactly?

Some of the most common problems we treat here at St. Norbert include:

  • Basic manners/obedience training
  • House training
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Excessive barking/chewing
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