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Even as a young child I have always felt a bond with animals and have always wanted to help any in need. When I was a teenager we had the opportunity to live above a veterinary hospital and I was able to assist in helping comfort the animals that were hospitalized as well as any late-night emergencies that came our way. It was quite a learning experience! My aunt also used to work there and I remember knowing that when I grew up I wanted to work in a clinic and help animals. And I did. I have worked in the pet industry since I was 17 and have been lucky enough to be part of the St. Norbert Animal Hospital team since 2020. I love being able to help people and their fur babies!

In my spare time I like to hang out and cuddle with my Italian Greyhound Margaret who also comes to work with me every day. She loves seeing all the new people and pets and also enjoys being around all of her "aunties" here. I also professionally bake and decorate cakes and enjoy drawing.