Tori RVT

Tori graduated from the Red River College Veterinary Technology program in 2019 and entered small animal general practice that same year. She was drawn to the veterinary field by a lifelong love of animals and has always been interested in science. Her favourite parts of the job are surgery, laboratory diagnostics, and client education. Tori is always eager to volunteer to run diagnostics like bloodwork and urinalysis or sit down at the microscope and identify an ear infection. She also has a passion for veterinary outreach and animal rescue work, with a focus on spay and neuter and vaccine programs for communities in need. She loves connecting with clients and meeting their furry family members!

When Tori is not working, she loves being at the cabin hiking, kayaking, and swimming, and enjoys a good Netflix binge in the colder months cuddling with her two rescue cats, Phantom (pictured) and Ghost.

Another interesting fact about Tori is that she loves exotic pets, and has a juvenile ball python named Leviathan.