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Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping in Winnipeg at St. Norbert 

Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba highly recommends pet chipping for both indoor and outdoor pets for a number of reasons. It is estimated that one out of three pets run astray at least once in their lifetime. Pet chipping is purported to aid in the return of approximately 30 percent of cats and 50 percent of dogs to their worried owners. Simply put, this rice-sized chip to find lost pets can give you greater peace of mind.

Here’s more information about pet microchipping in Winnipeg.

dog getting pet microchipped in Winnipeg at St. Norbert Animal Hospital

What Does Pet Chipping at a Vet in Winnipeg Entail?

Also known as radio-frequency identification devices (RFID), it only takes seconds to implant RFID pet microchips, as they inject into the back of the neck and causes little or no pain. It’s basically like giving your pet a vaccination, and they will not even be aware of its presence. Our vet in Winnipeg performs this anesthesia-free procedure right at St. Norbert Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, and pets generally have no side effects.

The Benefits of RFID Pet Microchips

The primary benefit is how simple the technology works to reconnect owners and pets. Any vet or animal shelter with the ability to scan for RFID pet microchips is provided a code that is stored in a secure database. When a pet is recovered, the database is activated and discloses the animal owner’s contact information to the appropriate parties. Unlike pet tags on collars, your information is never lost in incidences where the collar or pet tag falls off.

These potential life-saving chips are extremely affordable. So much so, that even many shelters are providing microchips as an inclusion with their adoption fees. Microchips are safe, self-contained cases that require no maintenance and often last the lifetime of your furry friend. These devices are not GPS trackers, as they are only active when being scanned. Because they are passive RFID microchips, there’s no overexposure to EMF’s of harmful frequencies.

Overall, there’s no reason to not allow your pet and your family the comfort and security that comes along with pet chipping. You can increase your chances of recovering your pet safe and soundly with one small investment. Essentially, the cost of the implant and the very minimal risks are minuscule compared to the irreplaceable value of your beloved companions.

Schedule Pet Microchipping with Our Veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba Today

Don’t let another day go by without the additional safety and security provided by the RFID chip to find lost pets. These affordable backups to standard pet tags are a sure fire way to increase your chances of pet recovery.

Contact our St. Norbert Animal Hospital in Winnipeg today at St. Norbert Animal Hospital by calling 204-800-5922 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s microchip.