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Pet Exams

Regular Pet Exams in Winnipeg Help to 

Safeguard Your Pet’s Healthpet exams in winnipeg

Going to the vet should not just be relegated to occasions when your pet is sick. Good preventative care can help your pet avoid many of the common illnesses and problems that can undermine its health. In addition, a visit to your vet can help to answer questions you may have about good pet care or behavioral issues. Veterinary experts recommend an annual wellness exam, but puppies and older animals should get more frequent checkups. Your vet in Winnipeg can provide important information on ensuring a healthy life for your treasured pet.

What Happens During Pet Wellness Exams in Winnipeg

During pet exams in Winnipeg, your pet will be weighed to determine if it is at a suitable weight for its size and breed. The veterinarian will give the animal a full physical examination, checking its coat, skin, ears, eyes and teeth. The vet will also feel the animal’s abdomen to detect any unusual lumps or painful areas. Pet owners are generally asked about the pet’s habits, the type of food provided, daily exercise and behavioral habits. Finally, the vet will discuss vaccinations and parasite prevention measures that can help your pet to avoid illness.

Making the Most of Pet Check Ups in Winnipeg

Regular checkups give pet owners the opportunity to talk to the veterinarians about areas of concern. The vet may determine that the animal is overweight, and dietary changes may be recommended to get the animal back to a healthy weight. If you have any concerns about your pet’s feeding or elimination, you can discuss it with the vet at length. If you have other health concerns, the vet can take some blood from the animal for laboratory analysis that will provide information on heart function, kidney function and liver function. If problems are found, the vet can begin a course of treatment that will ensure the condition is properly managed, so you can enjoy your pet’s company for many years. The annual checkup is a good way to focus on your pet to ensure you are providing the care it needs.

Schedule With St. Norbert Animal Hospital For Pet Exams & Check-Ups in Winnipeg Manitoba

The veterinarians and staff at St. Norbert Animal Hospital pride themselves on providing superior care for their patients in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. We offer a range of veterinary services for our patients, including exams, vaccinations, spay and neuter services, parasite prevention and treatment, dental care, weight management, nutrition counseling, diagnostic services, surgery and emergency care. Call St. Norbert Animal Hospital today at (204) 261-7376 for an appointment to learn how pet checkups in Winnipeg can help your pet live a healthier, happier life.