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Diagnostic Services

Laboratory Services

Blood Analysis: Our state of the art In House diagnostic lab allows us to run most of the tests within minutes so that we can quickly respond to your pet's needs. This is extremely important in emergency cases and sick pets when timely intervention can be life saving. Our Vetlab station performs complete blood counts, chemistry panels, thyroid levels, cortisol, bile acids, feline viral tests and pancreatic tests on site; allowing us to diagnose and treat your pets during the consultation

Urine Analysis: An examination of urine is needed to determine the general health of the body and, specifically, kidney function, ususally including measurement of pH, tests for protein, glucose, ketones, and blood, and microscopic evaluation of sediment obtained by centrifugation which can be useful to detect infection and crystals.

Fecal Test:The feces of your pets are examined under a microscope and intestinal parasites or overgrowth of bacteria is identified if present.

Cytology: We study the microscopic appearance of cells, looking for the diagnosis af any abnormalities and malignancies

Cultures: A culture is done to find out what kind of organism (usually a bacteria or fungus) is causing an illness or infection

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are fast, of better quality, and can be transferred instantly through the internet. They are less stressing for your pet and do not use any harmful chemicals as opposed to the traditional x-rays. We diagnose your pet using the digital x-rays and provide you the report on it, just in matter of few minutes.