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Spay & Neuter

Quality Spay and Neuter Surgery in WinnipegSpay & Neuter in winnipeg for cats and dogs

Does your pet need spay and neuter surgery in Winnipeg? You can get it here at St. Norbert's Animal Hospital. At your preferred vet in Winnipeg, we believe that spaying and neutering your pets does more than just control the overpopulation of dogs, cats, and other domestic pets. There are preventive health benefits to spaying and neutering that make it well worth the comparatively low cost of this common surgery.

Females who are spayed do not have to go through the discomfort of being in heat, having intercourse with males, and the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. Spayed females are happier, healthier, and experience fewer health conditions, tend to live longer than females who are not spayed.

Males who are neutered do not develop marking behaviors, aggressive personalities, do not roam as far if they are let outside, and do not try to mate with female. Besides not exposing them to certain communicable pet diseases they could get by having intercourse with females, they are likely to be healthier and live longer than un-neutered males, because they don't instigate fights with other animals, and stay closer to home.

Your Pet's Spay/Neuter Experience at our Animal Hospital in Winnipeg: What to Expect at Your Pet's Visit

At our animal hospital in Winnipeg, we believe that providing affordable spay/neuter services, while ensuring the utter safety of your beloved pet throughout the entire procedure is paramount. As an example, our veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba takes extra care to make sure your pet is cared for by an anesthesia specialist during the surgery. This person is trained in pet anesthesia, and is monitored and cared for by them throughout the entire surgery. We also use advanced monitoring technology, which measures all of your pet's important vital statistics while under anesthesia, and it is adjusted if needed, to meet your pet's unique physiology and health situation. Your pet's individual needs are always met by us and our team.

You will be provided with all of the information you need to take care of your pet the right way, post-op. You will know everything you need to do and be confident you can do it well before you leave here with your pet. You can also contact us at any time during your pet's relatively swift recovery to ask questions or relay any concerns that may arise while they are getting better and beginning their new, healthier, happier life as a spayed or neutered pet.

Anesthesia During Spay & Neuter

Ensuring the health and safety of every patient during surgery is of the utmost importance to us. Anesthesia protocol at St. Norbert Animal Hospital is based on the individual needs of your pet.While under anesthesia your pet is cared for by a well-trained and experienced veterinary staff using our advanced monitoring system, which tracks blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and oxygen levels.

Post Op Spay & Neuter Care

As your pet is being discharged from the hospital, we provide you with detailed information on how to properly care for your pet at home after surgery. The doctors and staff at St. Norbert Animal Hospital are also happy to answer any questions or concerns that may arise once you get your pet home.

Contact Us Today to Make Your Pet's Appointment for a Spay or Neuter Surgery

Our spay and neuter clinic in Winnipeg has everything your pet needs to have a safe, happy spay/neuter experience. Remember, it is a part of responsible pet ownership to neuter your pet or spay your pet. Your pet will be better off for it, and so will the pets of Manitoba in general.