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Common Pests In Winnipeg

Pet Parasite Prevention in Winnipeg

Your pet's annual vaccination schedule isn't the only kind of preventative medicine your furry friends need. At St. Norbert Animal Hospital, pet parasite prevention in Winnipeg is the other half of keeping your dogs and cats safe and free from dangerous infections and infestations. Parasites aren't diseases; they're tiny insects or organisms that enter your pet's body to give them an infection. Our animal hospital in Winnipeg treats pets with a wide variety of parasites, in every season of the year.

parasite prevention

Veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba Talks About Parasites

Pets can come across parasites in any number of ways. Our veterinarian in Winnipeg advises that you can't really keep your dogs and cats from coming across parasites in nature. The only way to avoid their dangers is to give your pet preventative medication beforehand.

Lyme disease is found in Canada, especially in Manitoba. Dogs contract the disease by being bit by deer ticks, which transfer the disease to them. We have Lyme disease vaccinations in our office and will vaccinate your pet each year if needed.

Heartworms are spread through mosquito bites and can be among the most serious of canine parasites. If left untreated, heartworms can multiply in a dog's body and eventually kill it. Our office offers monthly heartworm medication for dogs to take, which will prevent the heartworm from implanting in your pet's body.

Blastomycosis is a fungal infection caused by a fungus that grows in soil. Dogs breathe in the spores when they run through the dirt, and once the infection is in the body, it multiplies rapidly. We can provide antifungal drugs to treat blastomycosis.

Other parasites common in our patients are roundworms and tapeworms, both of which can be treated in our office.

Keep Your Pet Safe By Visiting Our Vet in Winnipeg

Vaccinations are a good start, but they're not all the healthy protection your dog or cat needs. Bring your pet in to see our vet in Winnipeg and they'll let you know the best way to keep your pet safe and healthy. Contact us or call our office at 204-800-5922 for an appointment today.