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Why You Should Chip Your Pet

Why You Should Microchip Your Pets in Winnipeg

Do you have a pet that stalks the door, just waiting for that opportunity to go outside and explore the ‘big bad world solo? Are you the owner of outdoor animals that attempt to seek out ‘greener pastures’? Better yet, do you own a pet, period? If so, then you’ve come to the right place to find a veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba that can offer you and your pet the security you need to help you sleep better at night.

Here at St. Norbert Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, we recommend that all of your animal companions receive this affordable—yet invaluable— chip to find lost pets.

cat is getting microchipped by a Winnipeg veterinarian

4 Reasons to Consider an ID Chip to Find Lost Pets

Pet microchipping in Winnipeg is a simple process that is the perfect companion to traditional pet tags, as they serve as a backup method of reuniting concerned owners and lost pets. Here are four fantastic reasons to invest in RFID pet microchips.

1. Pet Chipping Increases Recovery Odds

Statistics indicate 30 percent more cats and 50 percent more dogs are reunited with their owners due to pet chipping. RFID pet microchips are passive radio-frequency devices that can be scanned by any vet or animal shelter. The chip gives them a code to a database that holds the owner’s contact information.

2. Microchipping in Winnipeg is Easy and Affordable

It only takes seconds to insert the microchip at the scruff of the neck in this painless procedure, and pet microchipping at our vet in Winnipeg is very affordable. In fact, many adoption shelters include RFID pet microchips in their adoption fees.

3. RFID Chips are Safe and Maintenance Free

On rare occasions, some pets may have adverse reactions to the chip. However, these self-contained RFID’s don’t emit any electromagnetic frequencies until they are scanned, so there’s no long-term health concern. Pet microchips require no maintenance and generally last the lifetime of your pet.

4. Chips Backup Pet Tags

While pet tags on collars are wise, they can fall off if your pet runs through bushes or wire fencing. The chip from our vet in Winnipeg can save the day and get your pet home fast!

Get Pets Chipped at Our Veterinarian in Winnipeg Manitoba Today

Contact us at St. Norbert Animal Hospital in Winnipeg at 204-800-5922 to schedule your pet microchipping appointment.